About us


Our goal is to provide the best brokerage services in the industry while offering employees a rewarding, fair and enjoyable work environment.

WHO:  We are Schuyler Trading – a brokerage firm dedicated to delivering professional and efficient service to clients in the ocean transportation industry. We are focused on liquid and dry commodities across all shipping sizes.

WHERE:  We are located in downtown Manhattan.

WHAT:  We specialize in brokering commercial freight contracts between Owners (companies that own or commercially operate ocean going vessels) and Charterers (companies that own, buy, sell and transport liquid and dry bulk commodities). As an intermediary in the market place we also provide clients with market information, analyze market data, consult, produce research reports and facilitate day-to-day operations of vessels under our employment.

WHEN:  We work around the clock to service clients in all of the world’s trading hubs and beyond.

NAME:  The name takes after Fort Schuyler – located on the narrow Long Island Sound passage in the South Bronx, New York. Fort Schuyler is a 19th century preserved fortification built for protection of New York City from naval invasion. The structure was completed in 1856 and named after Philip Schuyler (1733 – 1804), an Army General during the American Revolution and a prominent figure of his time.

Presently Fort Schuyler houses Stephen B. Luce library, the Maritime Industry Museum, cargo vessel bridge simulator and various classrooms belonging to the New York State University’s Merchant Marine Academy.

FOUNDER:  Schuyler Trading was founded in 2017 in New York City.

Marko Zelenovic – founder and owner of Schuyler Trading – spent 12 years in the industry working for three competitive brokerage shops in the New York area. Having worked in all departments of a brokerage shop, Marko learned ins-and-outs of the business and decided to branch out on his own in 2017.

Prior to his brokerage days, Marko graduated from SUNY Maritime College – both undergraduate and graduate programs – with bachelor’s degree in Marine Transportation, masters degree in International Transportation Management and Third Mate’s Unlimited Tonnage License from the United States Coast Guard.

While leading his domestic and international brokerage teams, three core values have always prevailed: teamwork, honesty and professional integrity. Schuyler Trading will uphold those values.

CHARITY:  Schuyler Trading proudly donates to Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer Research Center.
For more information please visit https://lustgarten.org